If the tray wants to be wrapped up, no one can do it when bending over. In the packaging process, the possibility of an employee bumping into his head or pulling muscle is disappearing.
The damaged parts were removed by high-tech components in transit, Liuwen said, and the pallets and FPC’s pallet packaging were packed and customers could immediately notice. “There’s a clear difference between a single package tray and a machine that wraps a tray,” Liuwen said. “If you can get it done by hand 10 times and pack it 20 to 30 times you need to use the machine to do it.”
Fpc2, which is also used by the company, has the ability to distinguish itself, which is the ability to puncture and tear apart. High technology components in its stretching the human have also been fpc1 packaging process is reduced, and can make the pallet packaging tray safe, make the damage can be eliminated, and customer satisfaction can be improved. However, in terms of security, the greatest progress is the reduction of employee injuries and the safety hazards of falling products. “Security means everything to me, and it has an impact on a lot of people that I’m sure of,” Liuwen said. “it’s certainly true from a security standpoint.” There are two ways of doing it, namely the right way, the wrong way. Until then, I’ve been doing very well.

automatic pallet wrapping machine

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G market fpc3 brand equipment, as well as traditional manual pallet packaging can be replaced. The productivity of the packaging can be improved by wrapping the film and equipment in the direction of packaging, so that staff safety can be improved, the load can be improved, and the packaging cost can be reduced.


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