automatic-rotary-arm-stretch wrapping machine

I own a cookie manufacturing company and am looking for a high quality industrial pallet wrapping machine.
Please provide me all of the following information regarding your pallet wrapping machine:

How long have you been in business and describe the quality of your products.
What are the various sizes and capacities you offer?
What are the prices for each?
What is the shipping cost to Los Angeles Port? How long will delivery take?
What kind of warranty do you offer?
Are parts easy to get in the United States? Is it easy to repair and service?
What is the lifespan of these stretch wrappers?
Do they pass all United States certificates for quality and standards?
How do they operate? Please describe what is needed within a building to set the pallet wrapping machine up and have it running properly.
Do you have videos of the pallet wrapping machine working?
How are they controlled, through computers or manually?
Can you store batch and bake times in the computer?
Do the ovens come with racks that roll into the oven?

Please provide any additional information.




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