Why keep parts safe? Firstly, it is not only to ensure the safety of the machine shop, but also to prevent the damage of parts. The components made by the company are made of metal. If there is no fixed on the tray, they will move in the transportation process, and the potential damage will happen. The damaged parts will also be shipped back to the high-tech parts, and if they can’t be repaired, the parts will be scrapped.
Fpc1 rail stretch wrapping technology
A fpc1 track stretching wrapper has been purchased by high-tech components in order to make the safety and potential damage reduced. A handling system with horizontal stretching package dispenser is wrapped in fpc1 and then needs to be moved under a load. It is the fpc1 that is manually passed through the length of the payload, and the purpose is that the standard, odd, long, and other load types can be locked. “The reason I call it this is because there is no better word for it.” Liuwen said. What it does is just what it should do.”

semiauto pallet wrapping machinehttp://www.fhopepack.com/Stretch_wrapping_machine.html
“Attract me to one of the reasons for this particular product is such, is the tray has the opportunity to be packaged, and can also ensure nothing fell off, avoid the happening of some security issues,” said Liuwen. On average, 30 to 40 pallets per day are covered by high-tech components, and fpc1 is wrapped in every product, even if it is left on a tray rack. Even a small item, says Liuwen, can be seriously hurt if it falls from a company tray shelf, for example, 20 feet. Many of the oil fields produced are shaped, typically round, such as pipes, which can be prevented from rolling or falling.
People who need to stretch the packaging can also be reduced by fpc1. “Right now, there’s basically only one employee on the forklift,” Liuwen explains. “the tray is brought to the machine, and then the employee puts it in place and puts it on the shelf.”

For package safety, there is need handling system for moving the pallets.


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