wire cable packaging machine

Scope of supply

No. Items quantity
1 Packing station of the machine 1set for each
2 Film frame release device 1set for each
3 Manual and spare parts 1set for each
4 PLC &HMI program 1 pcs

cable wrapping machine & cable packing line


We are ARAB manufacturing electrical cables coiling and packing machine for building use. pleases supply us with price offer for cable coiling machines , specifications :
1-wire diameter 3.0 mm- 10.0 mm, insulated with plastic.
2-inner diameter of coiling core : 120.0 mm and 160.0 mm
3-pay off flyer cone size 1000 mm
4-additional driven pay off by motor size 1000
5-accumulator for synchronized speed between pay off and coiling machine
spare parts
please note delivery to our sea port JORDAN
The upender and tilter help you handling the cable

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